Metro Guitar Services

We do not have regular business hours.
Drop-off and pick-up is by appointment.
Please call to schedule a time.

Accepted payment methods: cash, credit card, check, PayPal.

Prices do not include cost of strings or parts.

Setup - Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar $85
+ Adjust truss rod, adjust saddle height
+ Change strings, clean and oil fingerboard
+ Clean and inspect. Tighten loose hardware.

Setup - Guitar with Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo Bridge $95
+ Adjust truss rod, set action, intonate bridge with Peterson strobe
+ Change strings, clean and re-oil fingerboard
+ Clean and inspect. Tighten loose hardware.

Pickup Replacement - 1 humbucker $45

Pickup Replacement - 2 humbuckers $75

Pickup Replacement - 3 pickups (Strat) $75

Pickup Replacement - Hollow or Semi-Hollow CALL

Under Saddle Pickup Install (K&K / Fishman) $95

Active Pickup Install (EMG, etc) (pickups + electronics) $175

Volume or Tone Pot Replacement $30

Selector Switch Replacement $30

Input Jack Replacement $25

Replace Tuners (direct fit) $40

Install Locking or Modified Tuners $70

Install New Nut $80
+ Shape and fit pre-slotted Graph Tech Tusq ® or graphite nut

Install New Acoustic Guitar Saddle $60
+ Fit pre-shaped Graph Tech Tusq ® saddle

String Change - 6-string $25

String Change - Electric, Acopustic, or Bass Guitar $25

String Change - Nylon String Classical $30

String Change - 12-string or Floyd Rose $40

We don't repair amplifiers, effect pedals, or other electronics.... just guitars!